Pos-Doc Bristol 2003

"Parallel Rendering with Radiance"

Luís Paulo Peixoto dos Santos

July, 2003


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Technical Report: (PDF, 2152 KBytes)

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From February to July, 2003, I had the opportunity to work in the Dept. of Computer Science, University of Bristol, United Kingdom, as a Visiting Fellow under the supervision of Dr. Alan Chalmers.

My work concentrated on developing a parallel MPI-based version of Radiance, that will be used as a basis to produce an interactive high fidelity navigator in virtual worlds using the RADIANCE global illumination model. I performed a few studies on parallelism overheads and scalability issues, particularly concerning the irradiance cache. Details can be found on the Technical Report.

Below I added links to a few animations produced using the parallel Radiance, in high, low and adaptive quality. The model of the Kalabsha Temple is particularly interesting. It was developped by Veronica Sundstedt, Patrick Ledda and Alan Chalmers from Bristol.

  Art Gallery Inside Art Gallery Hall Kalabsha Temple
High Quality 972 Kbytes 918 Kbytes 1300 Kbytes
Low Quality 988 Kbytes 910 Kbytes 1355 Kbytes
Adaptive Quality 996 Kbytes 925 Kbytes 1300 Kbytes


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