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How Computers Work, Part I

Reference Series • Vol 5 Issue 3

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Inside (& Outside) The PC


There are two types of hardware that make up a computer system: the components inside your computer case and the peripherals that attach to it. We examine a variety of both types of hardware in this section.

Inside The PC's Brain
Memories Are Made Of This
Hard Drives Made Easy
The CD Difference
Unveiling The Mysterious Motherboard
Where Peripherals Come Into Port
Tuning In To Audio
Silicon Launch Pad
The Magic Of An LCD
Shuffle The Deck
Dissecting Mice & Trackballs To Define Their Mass Appeal
The Driving Force Behind Modems
A Scanner On Every Desktop
Shedding Light On Laser Printers
The Eminent Inkjet


The intricacies of software are as mysterious to most people as verb conjugations in foreign languages. If hardware is the engine that runs a computer, then software is the fuel. These coded instructions dictate what tasks your computer performs, when it carries them out, and how it goes about its duties.

Coming To Grips With Linked Objects In Windows
FAT Maps Hard Drive Storage
ConnectingThe Dots
Relating To Databases
Picking Apart Bit-Mapped Graphics
Play MIDI For Me

 Systems & Processes

We take a look at how PCs--and CPUs, the microprocessors that are the brains of computers--are built in this section. We also walk you through a few of the latest technological systems and processes that more and more of us are coming into contact with every day.

Building The Perfect Processor
Producing The PC
Get Connected With Networks
GPS Offers More Than A Birdís-Eye View
Speed Up Your Internet Connection With DSL
Deciphering The Secret World Of Encryption
Unfolding File Compression & Reduction
Understanding The True Nature Of Viruses
Make Your Voice Heard
Artificial Intelligence & Expert Systems


Although many Internet companies have crashed and burned, the global network itself continues to grow in importance. This powerful communications tool has affected institutions, governments, and businesses worldwide. We help you to understand the technologies behind the Internet and why the network of networks has had such an impact.

Inside The Internet
Behind The Domain Name
Searching The Internet
En Route With Electronic Mail
Web Tracking Is Watching You
E-money! Digital & Spendable

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